Message from the Maxifuel Team

Maxifuel is being re-energised!

We wanted to let you know that Maxifuel is changing. Maxifuel has provided award winning energy and endurance nutrition to active sports men and women for years. To usher in the New Year we are streamlining the Fuel range which will be re-launched with a great new look and feel!

What’s different?

Aside from new look packaging there’s no real change. Our Viper Active and Viper Boost ranges will be streamlined and renamed FuelMax and FuelMax Plus , falling within a new Endurance Performance range under the MaxiNutrition product portfolio.

What is happening to Maxifuel?

Maxifuel will transition to the new Endurance Performance MaxiNutrition range in the New Year.

Are there any changes to products?

Some products within the existing Maxifuel range will be delisted when the new branding comes into effect in the New Year. For further information sign up to our newsletter - you will also be the first to hear about clearance offers on discontinuing product lines!

When can I get the new look Endurance Performance range?

The new Endurance Performance range will be available in March 2015 – sign up to our newsletter for more information.

Where can I get further information or continue to access Maxifuel content?

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