About Maxifuel Endurance Products

The unique power of Maxifuel brings you three sports nutrition systems to help you mentally FOCUS, BOOST energy and enhance RECOVERY after intense exercise so you can beat your best. Maxifuel's three sports nutrition systems have been formulated to complement each other, to create the most complete sports nutrition system available for today's demanding amateur and elite athletes.

Focus System

The Maxifuel Focus system boosts mental and physical energy to provide you with the most effective performance focus, and help you reach your best. Combining stimulants such as caffeine, guarana and taurine with energising fast and slow release Maxcarb™ carbohydrates produces a scientifically proven range designed to enhance your overall performance.

The range of stimulating boost bars, gels and capsules meet the needs of athletes at all levels before or during training and events, and are specially formulated to lift you into the zone so you can begin with the optimum drive and energy needed to explode into action.

Energy System

The Maxifuel Energy system offers you the most comprehensive range of products specifically designed to help you perform better during your active training. Using scientifically formulated blends of Maxcarb™ maltodextrin and dextrose combined with high performance electrolytes and branched chain amino acids gives you extra energy and endurance, increased hydration and faster recovery every time.

 The active range of peak performance energy bars, gels, drinks and capsules are blended to meet the needs of athletes of all levels during high intensity training and competitions, and helps you combat fatigue, aid hydration and helps you beat your PB.

Recovery System

The Maxifuel Recovery system is a truly unique post workout range designed to help you get back to your best faster. The specially formulated blends of highest quality fast acting Biomax™ whey protein, Maxcarb™ Carbohydrates, Glutamax®, amino acids and key nutrients allow you to repair muscle faster and restore energy after any exercise. Whether you are looking for immune support between events, to restore muscles and reduce stiffness, or just being ache free the next day, there are products specifically designed to meet your needs.

The Maxifuel Recovery range offers science-blended recovery drinks and capsules that are optimised to meet the needs of athletes after intense training and events. They are exclusively formulated to help support energy refuelling, muscle repair and optimal nourishment so you can get back in peak condition faster.


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