Maxifuel started out as a range in the Maximuscle product portfolio. Our products, Viper and Recovermax, were the star players in the Energy and Recovery range. Maximuscle was a brand which catered for all types of sports people ranging from the muscle boys that wanted to pack on muscle, to the dedicated sports men and women of rugby, football, rock climbing, swimming, running and cycling.

Founded in 1995, Maximuscle has literally gone from strength to strength. It has changed the face of sports nutrition for the better, becoming a true pioneer, using new ingredients (including whey protein and creatine), introducing the first independent drug screening programme and working with leading sports scientists and nutritionists to lead the company to become Europe’s Number 1 sports nutrition brand.

Maxifuel is bornIn 2010, the company changed its name to be Maxinutrition and 4 sub-brands were created; Maximuscle, Maxitone, Maxiraw and Maxifuel. Maxifuel was developed as we recognised the growing market of endurance athletes that were looking for a more specialised range of sports nutrition.

Maxifuel products contain a unique blend of carb:protein that is essential for post cardio workouts. Our products are designed to be used pre, during and after workouts to ensure proper hydration and recovery. Maxifuel is for both men and women, who are fiercely competitive, but who’s main ambition is to perform to the best of their ability.

In 2011, we were acquired by GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), who as a science-led organisation, recognised the work that we had been doing and have invested heavily in our brands with even more cutting edge formulations and processes.

The manufacturing partners selected to produce our scientifically formulated Maxifuel products go through a rigorous approval process in order to be deemed suitable to develop our products. Each manufacturer operates to high standards of health, hygiene and food safety and this is verified by a series of audits by both GSK and external accreditation schemes and certifications. The products targeted at athletes are selected for Informed-Sport accreditation and every batch is still tested for banned substances.

GlaxoSmithKline Informed-Sport

Maxifuel ProductsWorking with elite endurance teams such as the UK Youth Cycling teams and the British Triathlon teams, we have developed specialist products, formulated to be safe to use at competition standards but are also scientifically proven to contain the correct level of nutrients required to aid your exercise performance.

We provide all round nutritional support to ensure that when your head drops, Maxifuel lifts it. When your legs scream at you, Maxifuel silences them. When your brain starts asking why, Maxifuel answers it and when you’ve given everything and have nothing left, Maxifuel rubs you down, wraps you up, and gets you ready to do it all over again. This is why the best athletes, teams and governing bodies choose Maxifuel as their partner of choice.